Aerodynamics Testing

About Aerodynamics Testing 

We currently use a Bioracer Virtual Wind Tunnel for our indoor aero testing sessions. This technology lets us measure your frontal surface area. By lowering your frontal area you can lower your air resistance by up to 20% resulting in more speed for the same power output. The real-time feedback the technology provides allows us to quickly establish whether the changes we have made to your posture, your equipment or the bike have had the desired effect - to make you faster!

We also use a Notio for our outdoor aero testing sessions. This technology allows us to measure your CdA on the road. We can use the technology to test different equipment (e.g. helmets, wheels and aerobars) and positions on the bike to determine which results in the lowest CdA - most speed!

We at PFP recommend Aerodynamics Testing if you:

  • Want to ride faster (same power = more speed) 
  • Want to ride more efficiently (less power = same speed) 
  • Want to make informed decisions on component choices (e.g. wheels, helmets, clothing etc)

Aerodynamics Testing is available as an additional service during our bike fitting sessions.